Dear fellow residents and friends:


I am writing to seek your support in nominating me as a federal conservative candidate for Scarborough North Riding in 2015 federal election.

   I strongly believe that Scarborough North will be financially better only under the leadership of Conservative Party of Canada and Prime Minister Harper has successfully reduced GST from 7% to 5% and the budget will be balanced in 2015

I strongly believe only by creating more well paid jobs and making Canada economically strong can our riding really benefit

I strongly believe Subway is the transportation Scarborough North needs and should be built sooner

I strongly believe that the Liberals’ intention to legalize marijuana will do more harm than good in damaging our children and our country.

As an Engineer, an Educator, a successful medium-sized business owner and a father of 2 children, I will be the right candidate to represent you in parliament for this riding. I need your support in nominating me.

Actions need to be taken to nominate me:

Step 1: Become a conservative member in order to qualify you to vote for me in the nomination meeting. Please go to to join the party or call me at 416.834.2168 to get a form. Please note only members who are registered 3 weeks before the nomination day and living in the riding are eligible for voting in the nomination meeting.

Step 2:Vote for me in the nomination meeting(The time and location will be informed 2-3 weeks before the nomination meeting)


Thank you in advance for your support.





Kevin K. Xu



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